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  • NEWS: G-Cloud Outstanding Success Story Award

    On the back of our success at last year's awards, Ctrl O is delighted to have won this year’s G-Cloud Outstanding Success Story award at the sixth annual Euro Cloud Awards. The win was down to the success of our Linkspace product, this time with the Ministry of Justice.

    The UK’s Ministry of Justice recently procured Linkspace to manage and securely share data for 2 completely separate requirements. The flexibility of Linkspace meant that an off-the-shelf solution could be used at low cost, instead of requiring the development of a bespoke software product. As a result, the MoJ was able to fulfil their needs at 20% of the original estimated cost.

    Linkspace (formally GADS) makes it easy for organisations to share and update information across multiple locations. Lightweight and highly flexible, it offers easy-to-use features that you would only expect in a far more complicated enterprise system.

  • Ctrl O is pleased to announce that it has been named as an approved supplier for G-Cloud 7, the Government's online procurement framework. Its range of online software products is now in the catalogue, allowing Government departments to purchase the services with low administrative overheads when compared to other procurement methods. Products available include Linkspace, an online tool that makes the access, storage and processing of tabular data extremely easy. Designed as a drop-in replacement for spreadsheets, it is ideal for organisations grappling with the management of datasets across disparate departments.

Ctrl O stands for openness, our guiding principle.

We are open about the way we work, the applications we use and in all our dealings with customers.

The company was founded by a former member of the Armed Forces, who realised how much more productive teams and individuals could be if the services they used were built on ‘open’ technology. Systems could be compatible instead of clashing with each other. Changes and improvements would no longer rely on the say-so of a single dominant company. Business could be done with suppliers who earned the right, rather than the ones who had simply always been there.

Openness breeds flexibility, so everyone benefits from this refreshing approach. No longer are you tied-in to one person or company’s way of doing things; instead, you can access systems and services that you need, just the way you want them. You can see all the components of the systems that are available, pick and choose the tools you want and mould them to your own requirements. Ctrl O provides services so good that we don’t need to tie you in.

All Ctrl O products are web applications that are accessible from any standard computer with internet connectivity. All are fully managed services with round-the-clock support, meaning there is no need to worry about any of the maintenance or technical aspects of the service. For a free trial of any of the products, you are welcome to contact us and we’ll arrange a 30-day subscription.

Linkspace (formally GADS) product leaflet

Linkspace is Ctrl O’s award-winning flexible data management system that enables government departments to manage data around their particular business processes. You no longer need to invest in bespoke software development or employ expensive consultants: Linkspace can be deployed instantly, can be customised by your team, and is accessible from anywhere. Once in service, Linkspace can evolve as your needs and processes change. Designed for security, it has highly granular access control and meets the most stringent security requirements. Existing users include the ministries of Justice and Defence, with the Ministry of Defence using it to store practical and financial data for global defence engagements, information that needs to be accessed and updated by hundreds of users around the world.

Lenio facilities management software

Lenio is a simple, user-friendly facilities management package. Its primary function is the management of mandatory service items, using a simple calendar system that ensures that items are planned and completed by their due date, but it can also be used to track one-off items such as faults. This system is particularly well-suited to the education sector, where it has been proven to effectively and efficiently manage a school’s mandatory service items.

Group Email

Ctrl O Group Email Hosting offers an easy way to manage the distribution of emails to large and small groups of people. Each group has one email address – simply send a message to that single address and it will be distributed to everyone in the group. Enabling external parties to distribute emails to a group is as simple as providing the group’s collective email address. Maintaining distribution lists is made easier with a web control panel, or members can add and remove themselves to lists as desired.