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What guise will Linkspace take-on next?

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Linkspace is so flexible and versatile that the range of business processes for which it is being deployed is, well let’s say it, “awesome”. Our latest trial is for a national staffing rota system managing 24/7/365 staff rotas for 100 secure establishments including procedures for emergency cover.

A neat addition to the Case studies we have picked and made a couple more illustrations by way of a few example use-cases to imagine the sort of real public sector problems to which Linkspace can be the affordable solution.


This is the era of doing more with less, of agility, of making technology the servant of business need and not the master. G-Cloud is a tremendous advance for public sector IT. Practical, off-the-shelf solutions that provide the essential outcomes for a fraction of the cost of traditional ITTs. And now, more than ever the shorter procurement and delivery time is itself of immense benefit. G-Cloud is the way to harness the benefits of the Cloud/Agile/Mobile revolution to improve services, user-centricity and deliver efficiency and economy.

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Escape the Spreadsheet Swamp

Spreadsheets are great at some jobs, but actually dangerous in others. Using a spreadsheet to collect business data for consolidation and reporting over time is prone to error. This propensity increases with any complexity: if there are mutiple data entry points; varying quantities of data; several columns (or sheets) and formulae or macros are employed to manipulate the data at time of input. Passing time, handing down from the original author to user and on to new user, ad-hoc augmentation and extension, proliferation of copies without version control all make catastrophe inevitable. The original, bright oasis of truth becomes an inhospitable, misleading and untrustworthy, toxic swamp.

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How important to be able to trust your data?

Starting to model how data should be organised, collected, transformed and reported using a spreadsheet is a practical and pragmmatic thing to do. Once the logic, roles, responsibilities and outcomes have been prototyped - move to a business process management platform - like Linkspace to manage and control that data, securely. Linkspace is quick to deploy, affordable and flexible. But it is also bullet-proof and you are always in control; trust your data and so trust the informed decisions that are made on the basis of that data.

If the data has any degree of confidentiality associated with its use or publication, for example personal data that will put your organisation at risk of breaching GDPR rules, best practice advice is that it should not be stored and disseminated in spreadsheets.

Download our guide "Escaping Spreadsheet Swamp" for a practical review of the dangers of using a spreadsheet for data management instead of data analysis and how to protect your organisation from harm.