About Ctrl O

Ctrl O is an independent UK cloud software provider.

We stand for openness. Using this as our guiding principle, we use open source to build lean intelligent products that enable organisations to take full advantage of the savings and efficiencies that technology can offer. We are registered suppliers on G-Cloud in the Digital Marketplace and we are ISO27001 certified. iso-27001-certification

Ctrl O was also the winner of the Outstanding Success Story category at the last annual EuroCloud Awards.

Our Directors

Andy Beverley CEO,
I founded Ctrl O and developed Linkspace to fulfil a pressing business need I'd seen arising as a  Andy Bevrely CEOserious obstacle to harnessing the benefits of Digital Transformation in the public sector. But this isn't the engine that best describes me or my motivation. Ten years in the Royal Navy with ownership of a series of significant business challenges; resolving them by deploying technology through cross-discipline teams in unconventional environments both taught and inspired me. The perpetual source of energy behind Ctrl O comes down to understanding the constraints within which our public services must flourish and the experience to harness Open Technology and Open Standards, Cloud, Mobile, Agile and above all a collaborative, service oriented approach to deliver a strong, positive impact when and where it's needed.

I believe, we believe, in open, transparent, ethical and socially responsible business. A true partnership between supplier and buyer to make that big impact. Every project, every day I witness it working.

If you are still asking the question "why do you do this?", I can only come up with the answer: "when you can do this, why would you want to do anything else?"

Lindsay Smith, CMO
My take is that technology must be seen through the prism of business; it is a tool, not an end in itself. Lindsay Smith CMO Marketing in Ctrl O is about sharing the vision of a solved business need then ensuring complete, low-fuss delivery. The 'YES!' moment is when you realise it's going to be an order of magnitude more economic and much quicker to deploy than where you thought you were headed.

I see innovation and technology as being the future for GB plc. But I'm passionate about service, agility and the importance of the customer. This is where the SME culture and promise is the secret ingredient that wins. We care: All our customers are strategic to us, which means we are determined to listen and nimble to react. It also means the 'A-Team' isn't just the one our customers want, it's the only one we deploy.

I have a deep interest in the business of 'doing business' and some years at Board level in a wide variety of roles in software. I'm satisfied that all this boils down to simply understanding our customer must succeed and consider us a partner in that success. I love delivering on that promise.